How far can you drive your car on empty?

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We’ve all felt that sinking feeling when the fuel warning light comes on and you’re miles away from the nearest service station. If you’ve ever wondered how far you can get away with driving on empty, this new chart from Your Mechanic has the answers.

The table below lists a number of popular car makes & models, the amount of fuel left in the tank when the light comes on, and the estimated number of miles you can drive on that amount. The figures of course are only estimates – as fuel efficiency depends on a number of factors including the weather, your driving style, the condition of your tyres, the amount of weight in the car and so on. Running completely out of fuel can cause damage to certain cars and can be dangerous, as you could end up stranded on a busy road – so use the information below for research purposes only!

How Far Can You Drive Your Vehicle on Empty?
MakeModelFuel remaining when low fuel warning light is triggeredMiles remaining when low fuel warning light is illuminated
FordF-1501/16th of a tank35-80
ChevroletSilveradoNot available25
Ram15003 gallons63-87
ToyotaCamry2.6 gallons65-91
ToyotaCorolla2 gallons60-84
NissanAltima3 gallons81-114
HondaAccord2.6 gallons70-93
HondaCR-V2.3 gallons62-78
HondaCivic1.9 gallons59-80
FordFusion1/16th of a tank35-80
FordEscape1/16th of a tank35-80
ToyotaRAV42.4 gallons57-74
ChevroletEquinoxNot available50
NissanRogue3 gallons78-99
HyundaiElantraNot available30
FordExplorer1/16th of a tank35-80
ChevroletCruze2 gallons56-84
FordFocus1/16th of a tank35-80
GMCSierra Denali4 gallons64-92
HyundaiSonataNot available40
JeepCherokee3 gallons66-93
NissanSentra2 gallons60-80
JeepWrangler2.8 gallons47-58
Chrysler2003 gallons69-108
ChevroletMalibu2 gallons50-72
JeepGrand Cherokee3 gallons66-90
ToyotaTacoma3 gallons63-75
SubaruForester2.6 gallons62-83
KiaOptimaNot available30
ToyotaHighlander2.9 gallons58-72
KiaSoulNot available30
ToyotaSienna3 gallons54-75
SubaruOutback2.6 gallons65-85
NissanVersa2.6 gallons65-85
VolkswagenJetta1.85 gallons57-85
HondaOdyssey3 gallons57-84
HondaPilot2.5 gallons45-62
FordMustang1/16th of a tank35-80
FordEdge1/16th of a tank35-80
ChevroletTraverse2.5 gallons42-60
ToyotaTundra4 gallons60-72
JeepPatriot2 gallons46-60
ToyotaPrius1.6 gallons76-81
HyundaiSanta FeNot available40
KiaSorentoNot available40
ChevroletImpala2 gallons44-62
FordTransit1/16th of a tank35-80
Mazda32.3 gallons69-94
MazdaCX-52.6 gallons67-91
GMCTerrainNot available50

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