The Ford Pro Electric SuperVan is the fastest ever Ford Transit

Ford Pro Electric

Ford unveiled the original ‘super van’ back in 1971, as a publicity stunt to promote their brand new Ford Transit van. Ever since then they’ve had a tradition of putting a big engine in a conventional van, tuning it up for the track and calling it a super van. However this year for the first time Ford have ditched the internal combustion engine and gone all-electric with the The Ford Pro Electric.

The new high-performance van was debuted as this year’s Goodwoods Festival of Speed.

The Pro Electric is based on the electric E-Transit with a ‘track-ready’ chassis, custom body kit, four electric motors powering each wheel and a 50kWh battery – giving the Pro Electric an estimated 1,972bhp. To put that in perspective, a McLaren P1 hypercar has around 903bhp! The aggressive looking body kit ensures that there’s plenty of downforce putting all that power to good use.

As you might expect, the super van has plenty of on-board technology too – such as a large touchscreen taken from the Mustang Mach-E and WiFi connectivity. The screen allows the driver to select different drive-modes and setups, including ‘road’, ‘track’, ‘drift’ and ‘rally’. And it wouldn’t really be a transit van without a large loadspace and sliding side doors.

Unfortunately the Ford Pro Electric is just a concept prototype and – like with previous super vans – there’s no pans to put it into production. You can browse vans for sale here.

Image Source: Ford

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